Updated July 11th 2017

-- July --

July 1st-JWB Beak & Skiff 5-8 pm

July 3rd-JWB- Private Party 6:30- 9:30

July 9th-JWB- Ride For Dio - Cortland 2 pm

July 12th- Saranac Tasting @ Sherwood Inn

July 14th- JWB- Center for the Arts Homer 7 pm

July 15th- JWB- Private party Marcellus Park TBA

July 17th- Henley Park 6-8 pm with Dave

July 19th- JWB- Goettle Park- 6-8 pm

July 20th-Taste for Community Action Auburn with Terry 5-7:30 pm

July 21st- JWB- Stone Lounge Cortland 7:30-10:30 pm

July 23rd- DeSantis Orchestra Shotwell Park Skaneateles time TBA

July 25th- Weedsport Gazebo with Loren TBA

July  27th- Bitterman’s on the Green 6:30- 9 pm duo

July 30th- JWB- Sherwood Inn R& B Fest

-- August --

August 2nd- JWB- Clifford Park Auburn Concert Series 6:30- 8;30 pm

August 3rd- JWB- Ryder Park 6:30- 8:30 

August 5th- JWB- Hullars Fayetteville 9- midnight

August 10th- JWB- Marcellus Park 7-8:30 pm

August 11th- Del Lago Casino 9 - midnight

August 17th- Rainbow Shores with Dave 6:30-9:30

August 20th- Sherwood Jazz Fest- TBA

August 24th- JWB- Lacona Farmers Market 5-7 pm

August 25th- JWB- Whiskey Boots Auburn 7-10 pm

August 27th- Sherwood Inn 4-7 pm with Dave

-- September --

September 3rd- Rainbow Shores with Dave 6:30-9:30

September 9th- Doyle/Whiting Band Tomato Fest Auburn Time TBA

September 10th- JWB- Sherwood Inn Seafood Fest

September 16th- Del Lago Casino 9 pm - midnight

September 24th- Sherwood Inn 4-7 pm with Terry

-- October --

October 29th- Sherwood Inn  4-7 pm with Dave

-- November --

November 26th- Sherwood Inn 4-7 with Terry

-- December --

December 1st- Del Lago Casino 9 pm- midnight