April 26th- A.T. Walley’s  6-9 pm with Terry

April 29th- Sherwood Inn with Dave 4-7 pm


May 18th- Del Lago 9-Midnight with Terry

May 24th- Carriage House Theater Auburn 6:30 with Terry

May 27th- Sherwood Inn with Terry 4-7 pm


June 3rd- JWB- Olde Home Days Marcellus 1-5 pm

June 17th- Beak & Skiff 1-3 pm with Dave

June 21st- Bitterman’s-6:30-9 pm with Dave

June 24th- JWB Del Lago 1-5 pm

June 26th- Cardiac Rehab Anniversary Party- duo- Private

June 28th- A.T. Wally's with Loren 6-9 pm


July 3rd-JWB- Skaneateles Country Club-6-9 pm- Private

July 4th- JWB- Skaneateles American Legion- Private

July 5th- JWB-Canastota Boxing Hall of Fame- 7-9 pm 

July 7th- Regatta @ Skaneateles Country Club with Loren 6-9 pm- Private

July 8th- Balliwick with Loren time TBA

July 10th- JWB- Hoopes Park 6:30- 8:30 pm

July 15th- Sherwood Inn 4-7 pm with Dave 

July 18th- JWB Goettle Park- 6-8 pm 

July 19th- JWB Lacona Farmers Market 5-7 pm

July 22nd- Owasco Yacht Club 11:30-2:30 pm with Terry

July 22nd- Rainbow Shores with Dave 6:30- 9:30

July 24th- Weedsport Gazebo Series with Loren TBA

July 26th-  Bitterman’s-duo 6:30- 9pm

July 27th- Phoenix Henley Park 6-8 pm with Dave

July 28th- Del Lago @ The Vine 9:30- 12:30 with Dave

July 29th- JWB- Sherwood Inn R&B Fest noon-6pm- We go on at 4:30


August 2nd- A.T. Walley's 6-9 pm with Terry

August 4th-JWB @ Taco Bob's 7:30-11 pm

August 5th- Private party- noon-3 pm- Skaneateles Country Club- with Dave

August 6th- Guitar League presentation with Loren TBA- noon- 4 pm

August 9th- JWB- Marcellus Park 7-8:30 pm

August 11th- Private Party- with Dave

August 17th and 18th- JukinBone @ Auburn Public Theater! TBA

August 24th- Rainbow Shores with Dave- 6-9:30 pm

August 25th- Sandy Creek SCPA fundraiser with Dave 12:30- 3 pm

August 25th- Skaneateles Concert in The Park with DeSantis Orchestra 5:30-7:30 pm

August 26th- Sherwood Inn 4-7 pm with Terry


September 1st- JWB-Little Sodus Inn 8:30- 11:30 pm

September 2nd- I perform my first wedding ceremony as The Right Reverend 

September 8th- Doyle Whiting Band @ The Ridge TBA

September 9th- JWB- Sherwood Inn Seafood Fest- TBA

September 15th- Italia Fest with Stan Colella Orchestra- 4-6 pm

September 20th- A.T. Walley's 6-9 pm


October 13th- The Vine @ Del Lago 9:30- 12:30

October 14th- Bailiwick with Loren 5-7 pm

October 20th- JWB- Onondaga Nation Arena 2-5 pm

October 23rd- LImp Lizard - guesting @ open mic night 7:30-10:30 pm

October-25th- A.T. Walley's- 6-9 pm with Terry

October 28th- Sherwood Inn 4-7 pm with Terry


November 9th- JWB- A.T Walley's 8-11 pm

November 10th- Private party in the afternoon with Dave

November 15th- A.T Walley's with Loren 6-9 pm

November 17th- Cayuga Museum with Terry 7-9 pm

November 24th- Last Waltz @ Palace Theater- TBA

November 25th- Sherwood Inn 4-7 pm with Dave


December 6,7 & 8 Winter Solstice @ St. Paul's TBA

December 13th- A.T. Walley's 6-9 pm

December 14th- Centrifico @ Del Lago 9:30- 12:30 with Loren

December 28th- JWB- A.T. Walley's 8-11 pm

December 29th- Anyela's 4-7 pm with Dave

December 31st- New Years Eve @ The Sherwood with Loren 9pm-1 am