Let Joe Whiting Read it to you!
Today is my birthday, appropriately enough it’s also Saint Joseph’s Day.

Some might say sacrilege but my Mom would just say “ type casting”. At 65 both my Mom and Dad retired but I must admit I’m having much too much fun at what I do to think of that. Of course I need the money as well ! Are you supposed to be a wise old sage or a dottering fool ? I’d like to think I’m neither but I guess it’s not up to me to judge.

Most of all, I consider myself lucky, very lucky. I’ve been able to make a living doing just what I want to do, I love and am loved. The wonder of the world still amazes me. I’m shocked and sickened by the evil that men do but I’m inspired and in awe by the unbelievable good that men do.

I’m always trying to learn, trying to be better and trying to ‘get it right’, often failing but never giving up. I have no regrets other than my own personal failings, I wouldn’t change a thing ( if that sounds like a song, it’s because it is one ) .

I guess most of all, I’m thankful, thankful for good health, a good and loving family, good friends that I sometimes don’t deserve and a talent that I’ve been blessed with.

I’m very much thankful for the wonderful gift of music and how it allows me to express my feelings and how it has allowed all of us to share and travel this life together. Yep, I’m a lucky guy and I never forget it friends !