Let Joe Whiting Read it to you!
Elvis had a monkey!’

Yes he did and his name was ‘Scatter’, from all accounts he was a ‘bad monkey’. According to history he would go crazy, whip off his diaper and poop all over ‘the jungle room’. That’s a bad monkey in my book.

In 1982 I believe, I thought it would be a good idea to cut a single, in hindsight I don’t know what the heck I was thinking of but I did it just the same. We recorded these 2 songs at the now defunct Rose hill Studios with Mark Doyle producing. We recorded a song Mark and I wrote called ‘Melanie’ and the flip was a song Mark and I wrote called ‘I’ll be on my way’.

Joey Demaso was also a co-writer on the second song but was not credited until 1991 when I recorded it again on my first solo cd, ‘Rhythm ‘N’ Groove’. ( Better late than never pal Joey ! ). The band at the time was a great lineup of Mick Walker on guitar, JImmy Dagnesi on bass ( Jimmy would later play in Savoy Brown, one of the several hundred who could count themselves as  ‘Savoy Brown alumni’. ), Tony Schimizzi on keys and trumpet and Mike Dagnesi on drums.

I had no idea on what to do with it once it was done and still have several hundred copies in my basement. The artwork was done by the very talented ( and very old friend ) Greg Everett. Scatter looks almost evil like he’s already discarded his ‘pampers’ and is ready to fire ! Any copies that were sold were probably by pal and future co-producer Greg Spencer before he started his own label, ‘Blue Wave’.

I had a photo sleeve front and back. The cover shot of me is so untypical that it looks like Scatter has just unloaded on my ‘electric head’. Anyway, as a testament to the people that were involved, it still sounds pretty damn good. The back story is that this single was instrumental in landing us the opening slot for seven weeks on Van Halen’s ‘Diver Down’ tour but that’s another story.