Let Joe Whiting Read it to you!
Eddie, kiss me goodnight!

I think that line is from the old Ed Sullivan Show when Topo Gigio would say that at the end of his act to Ed. In this case I’m talking about my old pal Eddie Hamell. His stage persona is ‘Hamell on Trial’ but he’s always ‘Eddie’ to me.

He’s been an inspiration to me on more occasions than I can remember.

Out of the blue Ed will ring me up and say to me just what I need to hear. How he knows, I have no idea but he does.

I first met Eddie in the 70’s when he was playing and singing with his ground breaking group ‘The Works’. Even then he was a prolific writer and in an era of cover bands always insisted on doing his own material. I know there are many ‘Eddie stories‘ out there, my favorite was one night at a club called “The Beginnings’ when I had just met him he joined my band on stage ( or I joined him, I can’t remember which ). I turned around and Eddie had his full ‘manhood’ exposed but since he stood right behind me, I was the only one to view the ‘full monty’.

He has been touring the world with his one man show for years and most recently has been recording for Ani DeFranco’s ‘Righteous Babe’ Records. He says on stage things that most performers myself included, wish they had the balls to say. Eddie is not for everyone and that's what makes him so special.

He called me tonight and as usual I not only felt better about myself, but life in general after our chat. Although we don’t see each other often enough, Eddie is a kindred spirit and one of my closest pals.